Top 4 Home Projects Requiring Large Bin Rentals

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Home Projects Requiring Large Bin Rentals

While many commercial construction projects utilize large bin rentals to gather waste, many homeowners don’t realize they have the same convenient option.¬†Cube Bin Rentals¬†provides bin rentals, a trusted¬†waste management service in GTA, and our team would be happy to streamline your home improvement venture. Instead of researching municipal laws on waste disposal or having to make multiple carloads of trash to the local landfill, consider¬†the option of¬†renting a bin. Join us as we review four home projects that require large bin rentals.

Whole-Home Declutter Project

Homeowners tackling decluttering endeavours can benefit immensely from having a rental bin on site. Whether there are pieces of furniture that no longer fit in the home or one wishes to clear out storage spaces, a decluttering project may be exactly what is needed. In regards to waste management, the best option here is to rent a bin that can fit all of the waste you plan to generate. Having this disposal site on your property can make the clean-out easier and hassle-free. 

Big & Small Home Renovations

When it comes to home renovations, even minor renovations generate significant waste. From demolished drywall to discarded packaging materials, having a bin rental can be the perfect solution to move the garbage out of the house. Renting a trash bin facilitates efficient waste disposal, allowing homeowners to maintain a clutter-free workspace and dispose of renovation debris as soon as it is created.

The Removal & Installation of Flooring

Removing old flooring presents challenges, especially with laminate and carpeting. Laminate flooring often comes in large sheets, requiring cutting for easier removal. Heavy carpeting should be cut into manageable pieces, typically no larger than three feet by ten feet, to ease handling. While the removal and installation of flooring is often a labour-intensive project, having a rental bin onsite can simplify the clean-up process as the old flooring can easily be carried out and placed into the rental bin, leaving space inside for the installation of the new flooring.

New Landscaping Projects

Large landscaping projects typically involve extensive tasks such as clearing greenery, removing rocks, and excavating soil. These activities generate significant debris that needs proper disposal to maintain a tidy worksite. In this case, having a bin rental onsite can provide a convenient solution for handling and disposing of the generated waste. The streamlining of this clean-up process can enhance the overall project efficiency and it can reduce clutter lying around the property. Whether creating a new outdoor space or revitalizing an existing one, renting a bin is an essential step.

How Our Bin Rental Company Can Help

In conclusion, there are many reasons why homeowners should choose to rent a large bin for their upcoming home improvement venture. If you are interested in streamlining the waste management of your home project, contact our team at Cube Bin Rentals by reaching us at 647-967-9127. Our team would be pleased to review how our bin rentals in Toronto work and give you a breakdown of the steps involved in a rental.

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